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video is king

so why are you playing a fool?

a neuro-creative agency by ali craig

We live in a world of dichotomy. 

Be seen, but be humble. 

Be a success, but don’t sell your soul. 

Stand out, but play it safe. 


The world we live in creates an internal and external tug of war on hearts, minds, and energies. We want it all and constantly wonder “what if.” What if we get it all can we keep it, what does it say about who we are, what will others think, what if I am a fraud, what if, in the end, it all falls apart? And we wonder why life can feel like a struggle more than a success.

wE gET iT. 

Add on top of that information overload who is the “real deal,” and it can be challenging to know what advice to believe, what works, and the truth about what it takes to grow a thriving business and build an influential brand in today’s market climate.

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Hi. I’m Ali Craig.

Telling a great story is one thing. Telling a great story that converts, transforms, and turns hearts from an idea into action is completely different. As a sought-after international speaker, I know that full body and mind conversion storytelling is what makes award-winning television and specials, but it also is great marketing. 

No matter what size your production may be or what method you are creating - it is my job to make your story strong and successful.  I believe that no matter the medium - be it film, television, events, or just a great social media sequence - the stories we tell, big and small, build the greater story of who we are to our audiences. These stories are more than snapshots of who we are; they are the foundational pieces to the relationships of our lives. 


Check out just a few of our favorite projects over the years. 👇

THAT’S WHAT WE DO. we capture your Entreventure®.

we are Entreventure®


From our print and digital publication to our TV shows designed to edutain you, we want to be your “go-to” source for education and entertainment on all things entrepreneurial.


Yes, we love capturing the adventure that it is to be an entrepreneur - aka the ENTREVENTURE®.



And guess what?

Our clients, audience, and media love our work too.

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