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a neuro-creative agency by ali craig

we tell the stories  

of what you really sale


Meet Neuroiety®.

Neuroiety® the science of intelligent influence and income escalation.  


Here at Neuroiety®, our 74x international award-winning team uses neuroscience, neuro human branding®, and the art of relationships to create intelligent influence, income, and increase exposure with your ideal audience by using your professional edge to your advantage. 

This means no more games. No more learning new platforms, new algorithms, or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads that don’t get you anywhere or anyone good.

brands built for humans

by humans

(aka your buyers)

the creative agency that is neuroiety®

  • Science + Smarts
    Once we know all about you, we dig deep into who your target audience is. Going beyond the basic statistics we are looking at the psychographics of where your audience’s hearts and minds are now, plus where they are evolving too. We then blend your passions, desires, wants, and needs with the everyday needs of your audience. By using the filters of Human Needs Psychology, Neuro Human Branding®, and the latest research in neuromarketing - we create a holistic message that captures the hearts and heads of your audience as well as your brilliance.
  • Strategy + Experience
    Besides getting to know you, your brand, the clients you love, the clients you have learned from, your hopes, dreams, and everything in between. Together we will discover the touchpoints that make your heart sing and your client's swoon. We also want to know about your unique process and workflow: what do you like, where do you tend to fall short or sabotage yourself? By understanding where your business and sales strengths, as well as weaknesses, are, we can design the structure, copy, and process to support your natural workflow.
  • Visuals + Verbal
    Now the pretties begin. Once we know all about you and your audience, we start to tell the visual and verbal story of your brand and what your audience wants. Yes, there are many ways you can serve your audience, but we want to lead with the right foot that will grab the hearts and minds of where your audience is today and where they are going. We ensure that every aspect of your project, be it a brand-new website, brand photoshoot, live event, or television experience, expresses your brand story perfectly.
  • Project Management Built-In
    Far too often in today’s marketplace, experts are scared to step up and own the project they are running. Not us. We aren’t just your production company. We help your strategy, branding, design, marketing, social, and media teams. We are your project manager throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. We oversee every aspect of your show. We handle the questions, drama, and anything else that may happen. This way, you can focus on being the talent because you know we have your back.
  • Communication All The Way
    We all know that time is money, but communication is gold. From creating a private Slack channel just for your show to having Ali’s cell number - we are here for you 24/7/365. Plus, we'll be keeping you in the loop about your show’s progress, communicate with you when we need your input, and make sure you know that we have your back.
  • Why Neuroiety® Was Founded
    Simply put, “I HATE IT WHEN LOSERS GET THE LIKES.” There I said it. I am damn tired of crappy, non-experts getting the media attention, getting the likes, getting the speaking events, and getting the money simply because they appear buzzworthy. Extra perky doesn’t equate to anything other than a caffeine problem. After two plus decades of working with some of the most amazing brands worldwide, being the best wasn’t enough to get the business to be the sought-after expert and to own the stages they rightfully deserved. Quality lost out to quantity. And that isn’t right. That is why I started Neuroiety® Production. I wanted to create amazing quality productions that created all the buzz without acting like a social media buffoon. I wanted the elite expertise that my one-on-one branding clients exude to have a place to shine, be noticed by the national media outlets, and without a shadow of a doubt, be the go-to expert in their audiences’ minds. And that is exactly what we have done.
  • Traditional Production Vs. The Neuroiety® way
    The COVID-19 pandemic proved what many people in the television and movie industry have known for a while. Traditional production methods simply don’t work. Even if you simply look at reality television where the “talent” seemingly costs you nothing: location, crew, lodging, equipment, transportation, editing, wardrobe, permits, producers … just creating a show, let alone marketing it, can easily cost well over a million dollars. And actually, it is considered “cheap” if the production of your show costs you less than $750 per minute to produce and edit. This means that for a 30-minute show (usually 18-24 minutes long) with a traditional season length of 12 episodes - the production costs alone ON THE CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP is $216,000 per season! Add on top of that marketing your work through social media and national news outlets, and your simple 12-episode season can easily cost over $350,000.
  • Maximize Mindset
    Wasting anything is Ali’s greatest pet peeve. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to maximize your show’s episodes, media hits, offers, and social media posts so that you get the most reach for your buck. Hints this is one reason why Ali is so opposed to being cheap for the sake of being cheap. It simply costs more time and money while creating less powerful results. So what’s the point?
  • More Than Just Great TV
    In traditional production, you produce the show for your client and wave goodbye as the last payment clears. But not us. We are obsessed with our clients, their stories, and the stories their audiences need to hear. That is why our lead executive producer, Ali Craig, is actively involved in every show's creation - including yours. From the title to each episode, we aren’t just about making great TV. We want to make sure that you and your work SHINE. So that we go far beyond the “know, like, and trust factor,” and we have viewers who “need, want, and will do anything to have you.”
  • 74X International Award-Winning Production Company
    Here at Neuroiety® Productions, we are obsessed with all things entrepreneur. From telling their stories to sharing with them the best of the best experts who can help them in all areas of their lives. We know that being an entrepreneur is the ultimate adventure. And our love for the entrepreneur shows because over the last 5 years, we have Created and produced 14 international award-winning television shows for Notoriety® Network, Worked with 37 amazing entrepreneurs from around the world, Have our projects (combined) be viewed over 60 MILLION times!!!
  • All-Inclusive Pricing
    We hate to be nickel and dimed, and we know you do. That’s why here at Neuroiety®, we believe that it is our job to not just look out for your brand but also to look out for your budget. Yes, we put all our two plus decades of industry know-how into ensuring that the numbers we quote are real and fair. And when those moments do arise where a project exceeds the estimated budget, we DO NOT pass that extra cost on to you. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. PERIOD.
  • Award Winning Network. Worldwide Platforms. Millions Of Views.
    And just like Neuroiety® Isn’t the typical production company, our work doesn’t go on the average network either. Our sister company, Notoriety® Network, is award-winning all on its own. Obsessed with quality over quantity, we don’t just put every project that comes our way on the network. We limit our seasons to no more than 12 shows, and we actively build the social platforms for each show, our experts, and the network at large. Located on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, the IOS Store, and Google Play, Notoriety® Network is everywhere your audience is. And with our latest