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Curated CEO™ Mentorship

  • 1 hour
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

Choose your seat wisely. Success, happiness, health, love, influence, relationship- you know all the good things in life- don’t happen by chance. They happen by choice. Choose your seat at the table wisely. Every aspect of your life, from the boardroom to the bedroom, can and should be curated because if you don’t choose, someone will choose for you. Being a Curated CEO™ is about consciously choosing your success, not just accepting what is handed your way. Cashin’ In On Curation How is something curated? Curation is about knowing the end goal, level of excellence, desired transformation, timeframes, and investment costs you are willing to do. And then seeing what the possibilities are. If it doesn’t check off the boxes, that isn’t the right curated option for you. Stop Settling. Start Curating. Why Be A Curated CEO™ Living a Curated CEO™ life is about consciously curating the success, lifestyle, relationships, and energy you want to be surrounded with. Being a Curated CEO™ is less about control and more about conscious choice. Being a Curated CEO™ is about curating the business from the front of house to the back of house that serves you, transforms lives, and creates breathtaking experiences. Curate the expectations you have for and expect from life. I would much rather be a Curated CEO™ than a boss babe any day. How about you? Curated CEO™ Mentorship -One on One: In weekly calls or a monthly deep dive, you and Ali Craig will audit, curate, and design all areas of your life and business: style, schedule, environment, relationships, work, health, happiness, success, influence, and energy. -Guided Structure: Original trainings, hacks, and inspiration to all 10 key areas of life and business to help make your dreams your curated life. -Mastermind Retreats: Part relaxation, part networking, and 100% a life-changing experience - our in quarterly in-person opportunities are designed to be the restarts + fresh starts we all needed to accelerate living your Curated CEO™ life.

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