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Ali Craig's Brand Mastery Course

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Hey everybody, Ali Craig here and I am so excited to share with you this amazing product because you helped to create it. How you may ask? When I was interviewing the hundreds of applicants for Notoriety® Network’s 8x international award-winning show FIX MY BRAND WITH ALI CRAIG® my heart went out to you. Your passion for your work is infectious, but you knew that your lack of a solid brand was stopping you in your tracks. If I was blessed to have talked with you, I promised that I would find a way to help your brand even if you weren’t selected to be featured on Season 1, 2 or 3. IN THIS COURSE, YOU WILL RECEIVE: -The step by step process I use to build my private client’s multi-million dollar brands -Accelerated video series (56 videos total) teaching you targeted ideas, giving you specific actions, and none of the fluff -A meeting style approach where you and I will walk through every single step from idea through execution and into how you can become an influencer -The exact process, questions, and templates I use to storyboard ideas, websites, video shoots- everything. -An two+ decade branding industry veterans perspective on how to find the right designers, platforms, photographers, and support help -How to build a successful brand once and never have to rebrand again -Insider knowledge on how a branding expert selects platforms, visuals, and creates an overall brand message.

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